Tuesday, February 8, 2011

English Company to Present Timeless Fable on War and Friendship

Thingumajig Theatre presents “A November Day: A War Story” at Center for Puppetry Arts

Thingumajig Theatre of West Yorkshire, England, is soon to take the stage at the Center for Puppetry Arts to present its production, A November Day: A War Story, a timeless fable on war and friendship, set upon the backdrop of World War I. With the recent passing of Britain’s last WWI veterans, this production explores the timely question of how we remember this monumental time in modern history.

Britain’s Thingumajig Theatre uses a variety of performing arts to explore how a major event, like the Great War, passes from living memory into written history. The performers use hand, rod and shadow puppets, live music and a transforming set to tell the tale of a British soldier in WWI and his unexpected friendship with a stray dog.

This is the story of quite ordinary people living in an extraordinary era. As co-Artistic Director Kathy Kim describes: “Both my grandfather, John Bradley, and my great-grandfather, Foster Parrington, fought and were wounded on the Somme. I knew neither of these men as they died before I was born, but I know from family hearsay that they would not talk about their experiences at the front, and therefore the opportunity to find out about this first hand died with them. The play is in respect and remembrance for all those whose lives were affected by World War One, and is dedicated to the memory of John Bradley and Foster Parrington.”

Thingumajig Theatre is a visual theatre company based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, England creating puppet plays for both family and adult audiences, and street theatre acts featuring highly-interactive giant puppets. Their first play, The Vertigo of Sheep was awarded an UNIMA-USA Citation of Excellence, (America’s highest honor for Puppetry). A November Day: A War Story has played throughout the UK, and in Italy, and will visit the Dublin Puppet Festival this spring.

A November Day: A War Story, a 55 minute production, suitable for ages 10 and up, will be presented in the Center For Puppetry Arts’ Downstairs Theatre from Feb. 15th through 20th:

Tuesday – Friday at 11am (note; limited seats remain available for matinee performances)
Thursday – Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 5pm
Friday Footnotes: An artist/audience talk-back will be held on Feb. 18th, following the performance
Saturday, February 19th: Andrew and Kathy Kim of Thingumajig Theatre will present a teen and adult workshop:
Turning History into Puppetry.

Tickets for the show are $25.00 and include admission to the performance and all museum exhibits. Tickets for the workshop are $25.00. Membership and group rates are available.


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