Thursday, October 30, 2008

Twilight Theatre Announces Workshops for Youth and Teens

The Twilight Theatre and The Twilight Apprentice Company are excited to offer a Christmas workshop: Little Cosette and Father Christmas. Directed by Dana Spears with Music Director Barbara Zellner, this one-act play for teens and children was adapted by Adele Thane from Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.

Auditions for named parts is on Thursday, November 6th at 6:30 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, GA. This is a workshop. NO AUDITION IS REQUIRED for Villagers and Children (ensemble), but paid registration is required on Nov. 6th. Parts will be announced that night.

Parts are marked as L (large: many/several lines to learn) or S (few/no lines to learn).

Cast and suggested age range:

Must be Males
Henri Thenardier (villain) (age 14+) L
Schoolmaster (age 14+) L
Pierre Boulatruelle (age 13+) L
Wagoner (age 10+) S
Jean Valjean (age 14+) L

Must be Females
Madame Thenardier (age 12+) L
Ponin (age 8-12) L
Zelma (age 6-10) L
Cosette (age 8-12) L
Gypsy (age 14+) S

Male or Female (age-range flexible)
Juggler S (needs to juggle)
Clown L
Peddler 1 S
Peddler 2 S (acting, no lines)
Toy vendor L
Candy seller S (acting, no lines)
Villagers (ensemble)
Children (ensemble)

The fee for the workshop is $75 (includes all instruction, costumes, and production fees) and must be paid on Nov. 6th to hold your spot. Every actor will receive 2 free tickets to the performance on December 4.

Rehearsals will be on Thursday nights (beginning November 8) and Saturday mornings with no rehearsals the week of Thanksgiving.

Audition hints:
There will be a singing audition for Little Cosette only. Please be prepared to sing Castle on a Cloud from the Broadway musical Les Miserables if you are auditioning for Little Cosette.

To audition for all other named parts, be prepared to read from the script in front of the other students and their parents. We will have copies for you to study and use to prepare in the hall if you would like. You can look at the script that night to decide which parts interest you. Reading ability is less important than acting the role with energy and volume. We will not be using microphones in the performances, so volume is required.

This open-audition format (with an audience) is being used by theaters in Atlanta, so this will be great practice (which is what workshops are all about). Everyone who does not get a named part will be casted in the ensemble. Ensemble members are on the stage a lot (more than some of the named characters). Being in an ensemble is great experience. Remember that most Broadway stars started in the ensemble.

Please send this information to your friends who want to try theater. This is a fun and low-cost opportunity to learn what it's like to be on stage. The script is not "corny" as so many children's plays can be, but instead has the true flavor of the Victor Hugo book and will be a nice Christmas experience for your friends and family.

For more information, email Dana Spears at

Anyone wanting to have an individual coaching and confidence-boosting session in preparation for the audition and/or a private voice lesson to prepare Castle on a Cloud can contact Alison Chambers for more information on times and cost at
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